I’m Moving!!!

What a wonderful opportunity to grow and shift in my profession. Many of you will have noticed that I have changed my last name from Nelson to Kamala. The new last name is very close to my maiden name with a little twist to bring a little more flow to the pronunciation and keep me rooted in my spiritual focus. I’m very excited for this shift and have already noticed a shift in a few things personally since the change has been formalized, not to mention the time at the agencies to make it happen!!

Now for the location shift. I’m excited to be moving back to the more southern side of the area I’m in and closer to many of my clients that I have been blessed to have been working with for close to two decades. I’m sure they will be happier for the easier drive as well. You can now find me in The Woodman Building at 2201 Kipling Street, Suite 205 Lakewood, 80215. Parking is easiest up front on the east side and coming in that entrance. The stairs (yes, Moms, please be aware of the stairs) are on the left and will take you to the second floor. There is no elevator, so this location is not handicapped accessible. I apologize for that one fault!!

I look forward to the unfolding that is happening in my life and in my profession! Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and this chapter. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds.

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