Conscious Living Massage Therapy

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At Conscious Living, we focus on therapeutic massage as a modality to work with clients that are experiencing physical manifestations of stress and anxiety. This includes and is not limited to, headaches, migraines, TMJ disorder, chronic pain, inability to sleep, and more. Therapeutic massage can also decrease the time to heal from injuries and has been known to be especially helpful in Motor Vehicle Accidents for whiplash.

Types of Massage:

Swedish Relaxation Massage




“The treatment was great. Very relaxing and calming. And personalized. “

Bob J

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Swedish/Relaxation Massage is when the practitioner applies gentle and long strokes on the body and limbs, as well as kneading motions to increase circulation throughout the body. This increase in circulation helps to move the blood and lymph through the system, flushing out toxins and giving the body an overall feeling of relaxation.

This style of massage is great for decreasing general stress, increasing subtle body awareness, and giving the client a the feeling of general well being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue


“Thank you Emily! My experience in your care and intuitive session was an amazing experience. You are a gifted healer.”

Joyce M

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Deep Tissue Massage is a term that many people use for the application of Swedish massage on a deeper or more firm level. Typically when I see clients who are looking for deep tissue, they are seeking to relieve muscular tension in specific areas of the body and looking for firmer pressure throughout the session. This is an area that I specialize in. The benefits of this style of massage are similar to Swedish massage, where the lymph and circulation increase and there is a general increase in the individual’s overall sense of wellbeing.

Myofascial Therapeutic Massage




“Thank you for your time, see you soon. My body still feels open”


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Myofascial Release and Therapeutic Massage  The emphasis of this massage is on applying various techniques to change how the fascial layer of tissue (ie: the clear/white stuff between the skin and meat of chicken) is functioning in the body. When muscles feel “tight” it’s not the muscle that is causing it, it’s the casing or the fascia that is compressing and needs to be literally opened up to allow the muscle to function properly. There are also techniques to retrain the nervous system and how it tells muscles to fire. This is Neuromuscular Re-education. These techniques are fantastic ways to open the body and get things “back on line.”

Trigger Point Therapy can also be a part of this session. Trigger Points are found in areas of tissue that has a limited amount of circulation. The tissue begins to adhere to itself and restrict movement. The trigger point itself will refer specific pain patterns around the body. Oftentimes the referred pain is more painful than the area that has the trigger point in it. By breaking up the restrictions and applying specific compression and stretching techniques, the trigger point will resolve.

Prenatal Massage



“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with you, Emily! I look forward to coming back again. The room was comfortable, you kept me informed and it was overall a really great experience. Thank you so much.”


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Prenatal massage is a combination of all of the modalities when a therapist has specific training in working with women during their pregnancies. We are training in specific precautions, and those with more significant training can provide care and understanding of how the ligaments of the uterus affect the bony attachments and thus low back pain and other manifestations of discomfort…outside the typical being pregnant kind of discomfort!

Medical/Motor Vehicle Massage





“I am very pleased with today’s session and will talk more about it in person the next time we meet.

Thank you!”


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Medical and Motor Vehicle

At Conscious Living we are able to bill for clients who have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident.

If you are coming due to a Motor Vehicle Accident, please make sure that you have all of your information including:

  • your insurance provider information
  • the date of loss
  • phone number, email and fax information for the adjustor you are working with
  • a letter of referral from a medical provider or chiropractor that includes ICD 10 codes

We do not bill for medical insurance claims. If you would like to bill your health insurance company, we can provide you with notes and CPT codes for the session and you can submit your claim to be reimbursed. Conscious Living is not in network for any providers at this time. We do accept Health Savings Account and Flex Saving Account cards if you would like to pay with one of those.