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Emily Kamala, MA, RMT

Emily Kamala


When I read the bios of other massage therapists or look back on students that I taught, and most of them have compelling reasons to be bodyworkers. There’s just something inside of them that moved them in that direction and they just “knew.” I wonder just what that’s like, just “knowing” what you’re all about and going for it. Maybe fear got in the way for me as a child, or something else just wasn’t there. Regardless, that seeking for that “knowing” has been a driving force in most of my life…well actually as far as I can remember.


Now that I’m 40 and have been practicing for 20 years, (oh my… they tell you time flies, but really??!), I have begun to find a sense of peace around all of that. What I do know is how my dad used to trace my face with one finger when I was little, and now I do that with my own kids. I know how that has brought me closer to them in such a simple and delicate gesture. I know that when I was a waitress with women old enough to be my mother, I would massage their backs and shoulders. I knew that when I left that job, they told me every time I saw them that they missed my caring touch.


Touch is something that brings people together, that brings people back to themselves. Being a bodyworker is about so much more than a Swedish or Therapeutic Massage. I’ve found it to be an opportunity to for people to heal themselves, find a piece that got lost, their inner knowing that we each have that guides us to be whole.

Education and Training


and Training

Colorado School of Healing Arts Lakewood, CO

670 Hour Certification, June

Reflexology Certification, September

1000 Hour Certification, December

M.A. with focus in Adult Education

Regis University Denver, CO

Colorado School of Healing Arts Lakewood, CO


Provided massage therapy education for adult students for eight years

Yamuna Body Rolling New York, NY

Instructor and Therapist/Educator Certification

Completion of Body-Mind Psychotherapy Training

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, 90 Monkeys, Amy Ippoliti

Upledger CranioSacral Training




Craniosacral Level 1, Upledger

Craniosacral Level 2, Upledger

Visceral Manipulation Level 1, Upledger

CranioSacral for Conception Pregnancy & Birth Level 1 and 2, Upledger

CranioSacral for Conception Pregnancy & Birth Level 1, Upledger

Somato-Emotional Release Levels 1 and 2, Upledger

CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics Level 1 and 2, Upledger

Sensory Integration for CST, Upledger

CranioSacral Applications for Conception Pregnancy & Birth And Pediatrics

Andromeda Healstone

Andromeda Healstone is a complementary care provider and owner of Healstone Energetics, LLP. Her treatment modalities include the many facets of holistic wellness by addressing the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body.

Her energetic approaches include Emotional Freedom Technique, Kundalini breathwork, shamanic Reiki, crystal chakra clearing, Intuitive Touch, nutrition support, and metaphysical wellness coaching.

Every approach is customized and designed to facilitate clients’ progress toward greater self-awareness and more authentic manifestations of personal truth.

Bodywork modalities are guided primarily by Chinese medicine meridian theory and Ayurvedic chakra theory. Techniques like acupressure, gua sha, cupping therapy, and facial meridian rejuvenation offered. Bodywork modalities are employed to provide energetic detoxification, which can lead to diminished pain and decreased stress.

Meeting the demands of modern life and your own nutritional needs can be challenging. In addition to energetics and bodywork, Andromeda also offers nutritional wellness coaching. Perinatal support and elimination coaching offers clients new ideas on attaining their dietary goals along with the social support needed to make long lasting changes.

So that everyone can take a little healing home, Healstone offers customized gemstone jewelry and skin care products. Products are formulated to tonify, sedate, or support specific energetic systems. Stones, botanicals, and emollients are Reiki charged and infused with beneficial  sound frequencies.

Our society has done an excellent job of alienating us from our sensuality. Kundalini breathwork helps to anchor or Root Chakra energies.  Focusing on our bodies, our breath, and the flow of energy through our chakras can help release traumas and reconnect us to a healthy expression of our most instinctual desires. This kind of sensual self-discovery can be beneficial to men, women, couples, new parents, and anyone interested in learning to be cherished through touch and meditation.

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