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Emily Kamala, Conscious Living Lakewood, COEmily Kamala, MA, RMT

Emily began her career in massage therapy in 1998 working with local chiropractors providing care for sports injuries, car accident victims, and those suffering from chronic stress and repetitive stress injuries. In 2002, she began teaching massage therapy at a local massage therapy program until 2010 when she began building her family and returned to bodywork in 2014.

Today Emily provides general/integrative massage therapy and specializes in CranioSacral

CranioSacral Therapy for families

Therapy for the whole family. Her training has evolved to specifically treat infants and newborns with birth trauma, and latching challenges, among other difficulties as well as the parents struggling with the transition to parenting. Emily is passionate about serving families in the postpartum period (0-5 years)and adjusting to life as parents. Postpartum depression and anxiety are among a few things that CranioSacral Therapy can provide balance for, and simply being present to a new parent during this time in their life can provide perspective and peace of mind.

Emily’s education consists of a 1000 hr Massage Therapy Certificate from the Colorado School of Healing Arts, as well as additional training from the same school in Reflexology, Trauma Touch Therapy, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Other training includes the Upledger Institute and a pending certification in CranioSacral Therapy (additional training is being obtained in Conception, Pregnancy & Birth as well as CST for Pediactrics), the Barrall Institute for Visceral Manipulation, Body-Mind Psychotherapy with Susan Aposhyan, and Yamuna Body Rolling. Emily is continuing her education with the Upledger Institute and is continually building upon her abilities within CranioSacral Therapy. Emily has also trained with Amy Ippoliti for her 200 hr yoga certification in 2015.


Emily has completed her master of arts degree from Regis University in Adult Education, as well as a Certificate of Completion in Adult Education and Training from the same institution.

Emily believes that each person has the capacity to heal, and it is through this belief that each session draws its power. When a client takes ownership of the healing process, it is only then that a therapist and client can work together to harness the fabric of life that can heal the body and soul.


  • Hour sessions for adults are $80
  • 90 minute sessions for adults are $120.
  • Infants and Children are $70
  • 3-Pack Infant and Children: $180

“I’m so happy to say that in 2016 alone, I have practiced over 300 hours of time with infants experiencing challenges with tongue and lip tie or torticollis. While for some it may not seem like a lot of hours, I was shocked to see those numbers and truly grateful to each and every one of you who have entrusted your little ones to my care. It has been a gift to work with so many of you!” -Emily Kamala