Comprehensive Care

Over the years I have had so many sessions where I want to take a client into a larger space and teach them stretches, exercises, stability, or even to simply sit and discuss the challenges they’re facing and find approaches that meet their needs and empower them to make choices that reflect the way they are choosing to live.

The time has come to create a way to offer that for those ready to make changes that are lasting and in alignment with their core desires for living.

Working with you as your ambassador and Wellness Coach, I bring to you over 20 years in the wellness industry and thousands of hours of study. There’s still so much to learn, and learning it with you as we explore ways to approach your unique goals is my passion. I thrive on your success and am a perpetual cheerleader as we explore pitfalls and the ladders that lead out of them.

Comprehensive Care sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes in person. After an initial 30 minute session to decide if we’re a good fit, we can also tailor in shorter coaching sessions (virtual or on the phone), CST sessions, and Yoga/Movement as we see fit. Visits to the grocery store or your pantry are also options as we look at how eating and nutrition effect us in all aspects. The 90 minute session will be a combination of all of those to check in and make sure that all of our bases are being met in a more cost/time effective manner.

If you’d like to learn more, please email me at with specific questions or to schedule a meeting. You can also schedule a virtual/phone initial consult online at