If you haven’t tried Craniosacral Therapy, this is why you should…

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If you haven’t tried Craniosacral Therapy, this is why you should…

You may have heard of the very gentle form of bodywork called Craniosacral Therapy. If you have, then you know that it’s supposed to help at a minimum to calm the central nervous system. For some people it helps them with insomnia, headache and migraines, or general stress. I like to tell my clients that it expands our ability to respond to stress and stimulus, it re-patterns the brain, breaks the stress cycle, allows you to stop repetitive thought patterns, and creates the ability to feel empowered.

This technique was founded many years ago and has been developed and researched by the late Dr. John Upledger. At the Upledger Institute they have continued with Dr. John’s research and have continued to develop courses that work with the brain, fetal development and embryology, infant/pediatric care, Sensory Integration, and many more avenues of application. You can visit www.Upledger.com for more information on their programs and credentials. I am currently completing the advanced training in Obstetrics and Pediatrics.

My passion for the work began after I fractured my tailbone snowboarding. The work quickly evolved to address events that had led to a PTSD diagnosis when I was 19. Learning how this gentle technique could help my brain change the way it responds to certain stimulus was fascinating to me. Many years later after my son was born, I dealt with Postpartum Depression. I did not seek treatment at the time. After I had my daughter and experienced moments of the worst depression I had ever experienced, I finally found the resources that I needed to pull out of my mental state. The three things that I did were regular yoga and meditation, working with a naturopath, and regular Craniosacral Therapy. While I feel that each of these things made a deep and significant difference in my healing, the Craniosacral Therapy has had the most lasting effect in how I think and respond to daily situations. Meditation helped me to feel less fearful, yoga provided me with inner strength and balance, my naturopath showed me that I’m beautiful and strong while helping me create a new way of being. Craniosacral Therapy showed me how to pause, gave me the quiet that I needed to look at my situations and not react, helped me to remove belief patterns that didn’t serve me, and gave me back to me. I’m not saying that this will happen for everyone or anyone. I just know that it’s possible.

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