Yoga Movement Stabilization

Yoga is a catch word right now in our culture that truly doesn’t reflect what yoga really is. I dislike using the term simply for the postures (asanas) that we use for learning about stability and movement, yet that is what it has been limited to in mainstream culture. If you ever want to know more about the classic study, the mantras, meditation, energy awareness, etc… that is found in the more classic literature, please let me know.

For the purposes of the Comprehensive Care that is offered at Conscious Living LLC, we are looking to yoga for alignment, strength, body awareness, and flexibility. The more you do it the deeper your relationship with your body; emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual, will all become.

There is no need for postures that are extreme in nature. If you want to get there, we can. The basics and building a solid foundation are a great way to access our breath awareness and maintain the strength and mobility to live a full life.