What does it mean to Live Consciously???

Consciousness is not the body; the body is in consciousness. And you are that consciousness.

Dan Millman

I have been on a lifelong journey to bring awareness and thus healing to my life, to my living. I’ve searched my body, my mind, my spirit for all of it. I’ve met some of the most amazing and brilliant teachers along the way, and the most brilliant of all has been my own inner wisdom.

Living Consciously, to me, is learning how to listen to your OWN inner wisdom. This is that innate part of you that guides you in your healing, in your ability to live fully and completely in alignment with who you are in this moment. Yes, it changes. How can it not when there are so many ways in which we grow and experience the world? The core pieces will likely stay the same, and we shift and grow around them.

What I offer to you is an opportunity to explore this through the modalities of CranioSacral Therapy, Health and Wellness Coaching, or Yoga if you so choose. Sometimes, we need to peel back the layers and receive some of this work before we can be fully present to hearing our inner wisdom. It can take time, commitment, and desire for change.

I’m ready to support you in your journey, and walk by your side as you learn and grow, look inside and face the challenges that we all need to overcome to reach consistency and balance.