You’re not a One Size-Fits-All kind of person

Trendy diets and exercise don’t work for you. You doing you works for you. That belief underscores every coaching session you get with Conscious Living.

Making choices and honestly seeing yourself takes courage. Choosing to shift into a new way of be-ing requires action. It only takes 1% of a shift to move you toward an entirely new outcome.

“None of it works unless YOU work. We have to do our part. If knowing is half the battle, action is the second half of the battle.”

Jim Kwik

How does Wellness Coaching Work?

Wellness Coaching goes beyond what you’re eating for breakfast. You take the opportunity to look at all the reasons you make the choices that you do and how they affect everything else in your life. When you see that change is needed, wellness coaching supports you in finding what INSPIRES you to take action and stick with it.

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Having someone walk beside you to reflect back what you’re creating is gift beyond measure. You have control over who you choose to be a part of your journey. Family, friends, acquaintances, and especially your Wellness Coach.

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When you choose Wellness Coaching to support you, you’re choosing to take charge of your health and vitality. You’re choosing to create a life that moves you. To find the pieces that support you into the way of being you dream of for yourself, your family, your community.

Let’s meet. Let’s talk about what you want for your life. Let’s see how I can walk beside you and support you in taking steps into the life you choose for yourself.

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“Thank you Emily! My experience in your care and intuitive session was an amazing experience. You are a gifted healer.” -JM 2017

“Emily is so patient and thorough! I couldn’t be more happy!” -DW 2017

“Emily is an exceptional caregiver in her line of work and in just about anything that has to do with overall health.” -PM 2019

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Still have questions??? Check out the FAQ page for more in-depth details about what Wellness Coaching is, what to expect, and so much more!